The Citizen's Constitution
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“…a lively curio shop of Constitutional law and lore…”—Publishers Weekly


“The most interesting mind in journalism.”—Jeffrey Goldberg,


“Where did the Constitution come from? Where have we, the people, taken it? Seth Lipsky's wonderful Baedecker holds the answers. The ultimate user's manual of America's founding document.”—James Grant, author of John Adams: Party      of One


“Whether you are a constitutional conservative or liberal, you need to start your thinking with what the words of the document meant when they were written and how their definition has changed in time. Seth Lipsky's annotated constitution is an invaluable resource for this purpose. With rigorous scholarship and delightful wit, Lipsky takes us through the nation's founding document, phrase by phrase. Though The Citizen’s Constitution is written to be understood by non-lawyers, I would be surprised if most lawyers don't learn a thing or two reading it. I certainly did.”— Jack Fuller, former editor and publisher, Chicago Tribune

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